Welcome to The Leverets Nest where I share tips on self empowerment thru gratitude journalling

If you keep a journal or are on a self help journey then using the power of gratitude in your writing sessions can be extremely beneficial.

Here at The Leverets Nest I have been using the power of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness in my daily journalling sessions every day for well over a decade to live a happier and easier life. And it really works!

I will show you how to make gratitude journalling rewarding and effortless every time you pick up your pen.  Something as simple as just writing more positively will impact your life from the get go and benefit you all day long.   Keep doing this daily and you will soon be living a smoother and happier life.  

If that sounds good to you then allow me to be your guide with simple, easy and understandable exercises – one sentence at a time. 

Are you ready to start writing and feeling better now?

Okay let’s do this!


And if you’d love to start strong every day then check out my Daily Guided Gratitude Journal (coming soon) that I am designing just for you.



ps – if you are wondering what a leveret is – it’s a baby hare! Here in The Leverets Nest you can also find handmade beautiful and cute baby hares just for you. 

Why do I mix journalling with hares? Well, simply because they both make me happy. I hope they make you happy too.