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The Leverets Nest – bite sized Guided Gratitude Journalling.

Write-along one sentence at a time. 

Use powerful, effective words and go from Relief to Miracles. 

Making every word matter, every minute count. 

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Is gratitude journalling part of your daily routine?  Only sometimes it’s not daily?  Well it’s actually not about could or should be doing better, it’s all about having a compassionate system in place that is easy to follow.  No matter last minute plans or super busy schedule, or just feeling plain tired!

 Life can be overwhelming and making time for self care is now a priority, not a luxury.  And that includes your mental well being.  Did you know one of the best ways to start feeling better is the Practice of Gratitude?  By making it a daily practice your life will magically change before your eyes!  I made it happen – you can too! 

Find everything you need for a daily gratitude routine in my soon to be published – Guided Gratitude Journal. Making it easy to change your life one sentence at a time.

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What’s a leveret? I hear you ask – why! a baby hare!