Have you been here – you open your journal, pick up a pen yet 10 minutes later you’re still staring at a blank page? 

Or maybe you never got to sit down with your journal, even though you meant to.

Crazy right?! you could have written a page of blessings yet you didn’t. (Hey! don’t worry, it’s only because you don’t know what to write about – I’ll show you how to do that!)


So just imagine this – every time you open your journal words flow effortlessly from your pen and keep flowing until the whole page is filled. Not only that but your heart starts to glow with a loving warmth you’ve not felt in a long time. You’re relaxed,  feeling good, and you’re smiling! Sounds like a win?!

Well, it’s not just a dream – it’s possible! And possible to do every single day year in year out without getting bored, frustrated or blaming yourself.


Let me show you how to get your Gratitude Journalling done right – first time!

What is gratitude journalling? 

It’s any type of writing that includes feeling appreciation, counting your blessings, feeling gracious, being thankful and feeling gratitude for anything at all – past, present or future. It is a very powerful way to center yourself and become truly present. In other words – become happy. And the miracles? – well you’ll see things line up for you time and time again. Things as small as a free parking spot exactly where you hoped you’d get it, and as big as an unexpected tax return, or your dream job, or dream car. When you start giving gratitude every day it really does create miracles in your life.

I’ve been doing it daily since 2012 and had incredible miracles happen! (met my rescue rabbit furbaby Starbright, dream job twice, dream car) and I’d really love to help you!

I’ll teach you the basics, plus all the nuances about gratitude journalling. I will guide, encourage and support you on every page no matter where you are in your gratitude journalling journey. Empower yourself! ignite your words and heart together to change your world starting from page 1!


Try it now – 

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