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I made these Drive Safe Baby Army Hares for animal lovers as a reminder to drive safely, because if you really love animals I bet you’re on edge every time you’re driving incase someone darts into the road?

But just imagine always having clear roads ahead? Well, it’s not impossible, because every time I get in my car I set some intentions for exactly that.

It just takes a minute! And as I say them I envision the clear roads and a safe trip, and I feel relieved and thankful. It’s always worked for me! I hope it’ll help you too. This is exactly what I say –

Thank you for the clear roads (clear of animals, birds and other creatures), thank you for the even roads, thank you for the grippy roads. And thank you for the safe, aware, careful, compassionate drivers around me and my safe journey.

And I wrote some road safety rules for these little soldier hares. They are perfect backseat drivers, giving orders and imparting advice. I am sure your hare will make you follow the rules, and set your intentions every time. Driving mindfully saves lives. I know Baby Army Hare will also be your Guardian Angel. Keeping you and all the creatures safe.

This hare’s carefully handmade by me from some real Army camo and has an anatomically correct hare tail. Some bits might be tatty and scruffy but hare doesn’t mind in the slightest. Each one is unique and adorable. Who will you choose?   

I post worldwide but prices given are for UK post. For additional postage to your country email 

Drive Safe Baby Army Hare No1 with clear Whisky coloured eyes

please note her beautiful face, alert eyes and very cute little nose. approx 12cm long

1x only in this camo pattern placement. If you love her – buy her now! 

£45 including UK post

Drive Safe Baby Army Hare No2 with clear Blue eyes

please note his sparkling blue eyes, very tatty ears and forehead. Hare has been in a war and survived, but doesn’t mind in the slightest. approx 12cm long

1x only in this camo pattern placement. If you love him – buy him now!

£45 including UK post

The Story behind my Drive Safe with Baby Army Hares and why I make them

One day many years ago I was on my push bike on a quiet back road in the Highlands of Scotland.  It was a sunny day and as I cycled around a corner I spotted something small in the middle of the road. Not moving. As I got closer I saw the long brown ears on the motionless body and my heart sank. There was nothing I could do. 

I was angry and sad at the same time.

The car might have killed this bunny but there was a person behind the wheel.

I was only 7 but I was old enough to know it wasn’t right.


As an animal lover I know the feeling of being worried and fearful watching the roads ahead like a hawk as you drive.  

Even worse when someone else is driving and hasn’t got their eyes on the road.  It’s like you’re doing two jobs.  Worrying and watching!

And especially on country roads where wild animals abound and the chances of someone darting into the road unexpectedly can be high.


Well, I was tired of feeling like this, so I decided to do something about it.  


Since 2007 I’d been selling cute and colourful baby hare ornaments I’d made in my online shop The Leverets Nest.  (Baby hares are called leverets).  

And being a soldier I also made some from my old uniforms. Then one day I decided to choose a special one just for my car to dangle from my rearview mirror and keep me company (see his photo on my About page!)

I’d just made my very first Drive Safe with Baby Army Hare Rearview Mirror Charm!  

His eyes glistened brightly as he looked around and I could already hear his backseat comments! So I got a pen and jotted down the Rules he wanted me to follow. 

Then I decided to set some Intentions – for a safe journey.  

Did you know that when you set an intention the Universe clearly hears you? Intentions are powerful and work every time.

I set them not just for me, but particularly for all the animals and birds I would meet on my journey too. I made it short and snappy and easy to remember.

‘Dear Universe, thank you for the clear roads, even roads and grippy roads. Thank you for my safe journey.’

I was invoking a higher power to come and look over me as I drove. 

-clear roads meaning clear of all animals and birds!

even roads meant avoiding all pot holes and bumps

and grippy roads for when it was wet outside and I needed extra safety and braking power.

I say this every time I set off, no matter the distance.  It just takes seconds and I put my trust and faith in the Universe that I am heard.   And it’s always worked for me! – I drive peacefully on miles of clear roads, focused and attentive, safe in the knowledge that all little beasties are being benevolently deterred from coming near!  It’s truly a relief and a blessing!  Driving mindfully definitely saves lives.  

And if I ever see any irate drivers then I just add this – Thank you for the considerate, careful, compassionate drivers all around me.


In my perfect world I imagine every driver doing this before their trip!   Imagine how many animals’ lives would be saved!?  

That would make my secret wish come true!

So bless that little rabbit for leaving a legacy in my heart.  


Being mindful and setting intentions is powerful and really works.  

Well, not long after I made myself that little Army hare – these Drive Safe Baby Army Hares became my best seller!

Drive Safe Baby Army Hare Love-at-First-Sight Guarantee or your money back. I want your baby hare to be absolutely loved and cherished by you, treated as a family heirloom, and welcomed as a proud member of your family, so I offer a full 30 day 100% refund guarantee on the hare (shipping excluded). And I also offer a lifetime repair guarantee at a moderate charge for any repairs that need done. (war wounds, scraps, unforseen adventures) These little hares have a beating heart and a sparkle in their eye - their job is to love, serve and protect you no matter what. I will do anything I can to keep you both together.