I made these Drive Safe Baby Army Hares for animal lovers as a reminder to drive safely, because if you really love animals I bet you’re on edge every time you’re driving incase someone darts into the road?

But just imagine always having clear roads ahead? Well, it’s not impossible, because every time I get in my car I set some intentions for exactly that.

It just takes a minute! And as I say them I envision the clear roads and a safe trip, and I feel relieved and thankful. It’s always worked for me! I hope it’ll help you too. This is exactly what I say –

Thank you for the clear roads (clear of animals, birds and other creatures), thank you for the even roads, thank you for the grippy roads. And thank you for the safe, aware, careful, compassionate drivers around me and my safe journey.

And I wrote some road safety rules for these little soldier hares. They are perfect backseat drivers, giving orders and imparting advice. I am sure your hare will make you follow the rules, and set your intentions every time. Driving mindfully saves lives. I know Baby Army Hare will also be your Guardian Angel. Keeping you and all the creatures safe.

This hare’s carefully handmade by me from some real Army camo and has an anatomically correct hare tail. Some bits might be tatty and scruffy but hare doesn’t mind in the slightest. Each one is unique and adorable. Who will you choose?   

I will post worldwide, prices given are for UK post. For additional postage to your country email leveret@theleveretsnest.com 

Drive Safe Baby Army Hare No1 with clear Whisky coloured eyes

please note her beautiful face and alert eyes. approx 12cm long

1x only in this camo pattern placement. If you love her – buy her now! 

£45 including UK post

Drive Safe Baby Army Hare No2 with clear Blue eyes

please note his very tatty ears and forehead. Hare has been in a war, but doesn’t mind in the slightest. approx 12cm long

1x only in this camo pattern placement. If you love him – buy him now!

£45 including UK post

Drive Safe Baby Army Hare Love-at-First-Sight Guarantee or your money back. I want your baby hare to be absolutely loved and cherished by you, treated as a family heirloom, and welcomed as a proud member of your family, so I offer a full 100% refund guarantee on the hare (shipping excluded). And I also offer a lifetime repair guarantee at a minimal charge for any repairs that need done. (war wounds, scraps, unforseen adventures) These little hares have a beating heart and a sparkle in their eye - their job is to love, serve and protect you no matter what. I will do anything I can to keep you both together.