Do you know what 3 things you must write about when gratitude journalling?

Do you know what 3 things you must write about when gratitude journalling?


Do you keep a gratitude journal? And have you ever wondered what to write about and why?


Have you ever been staring at a blank page wondering if you are wasting your time?


Well, I have some tips to make it easy and rewarding for you to journal every day and make it worthwhile your time.


I explain simply and clearly in detail WHAT you should be writing about and exactly WHY it will benefit you. 

After all what’s the point of doing something unless you are going to benefit positively from it?


What should you write in your gratitude journal? And why will it benefit you?



First of all you need to know that by keeping a gratitude journal you will be making a great lifestyle choice that really will make immediate improvements in your day to day life. 

By writing in a positive manner you will discover that life just becomes easier, seemingly as if by magic. 


I will explain what you should write about and why you should be writing about it. In other words – the subject in your journal, and why it will benefit you.



Let’s get started!


So WHAT should you write about?


Well the answer to that is very personal – we are all different and I am sure your priorities in life are very different from anyone else’s. 

But the best subject will be the easiest one for you to focus on and write about for at least 3 to 5 minutes uninterrupted. If you can write longer, like 20 minutes then that is great.

And it should be about something that you really like, preferrably love, and it makes you happy whenever you think about it.

It should be something that fills you with joy.


If you choose a subject using those 3 criteria then you will find that it is easy to write about.


Find something that:


1. Fills you with joy

2. is Easy to love

3. Makes you happy


Ask yourself as you pick up your pen – does my subject tick those 3 boxes ?

If you are wondering what subjects most easily fill those 3 boxes then here are some prompts – 

– your beloved pet 

– an animal friend you have made

– a baby animal

– a baby

– a place in nature that you feel at peace in


Can you make your own list now ?



So what is it that makes these subjects the easiest and best to write about ?

They are the easiest because you don’t have to think too much about them, (they are not ‘hard’ subjects – they are ‘easy’)

and they are the best because you already feel a lot of positive emotion about them. 

All of these beings automatically accept you as you are and let you be yourself. 

That’s why they all feel easy and comfortable.

A baby will just love you, your pet will love you (unless you have a judgemental cat, joking!), an animal friend that respects you will love you, and a place in nature will quietly guide you in to let you relax there. These subjects are all easy to love and appreciate. They light you up and make you feel good.



For example I love feeding the wild birds where I live, so every day I spend some time watching them feeding on the food I have put out for them. I know many of them individually and I call out to them in a special way so they know I have arrived with some food. I love to just watch them as they all come down to eat and drink near me. It makes me feel really amazing and privileged, and my heart usually melts in love when one of them flies near me, unafraid and curious. 


If you haven’t already guessed by now, I am a huge animal lover!

And I am also an HSP – a highly sensitive person. I process the world around me in a very detailed and sensitive way and I notice and take in seemingly very small things in a very emotional way.

This has helped greatly in my gratitude journaling because it helps me get to the essence of the subjects I write about. And I am so happy to share my tips with you so you can benefit too. 




So WHY will it benefit you?


Now that you have chosen subjects that light you up and make you feel good, let’s talk about WHY they are good to write about.


Whenever you put pen to paper you are slowing down time in your world.

This can be very positive because writing with a pen on paper automatically makes you slow down your thinking. You can’t really write fast enough to keep up with your thoughts, so it makes you focus more on the sentence you are writing.

In today’s fast paced world this is actually a relaxation tool!


Now when we write about something that makes us feel happy – we will start to feel more happiness inside.

This is the crux of gratitude journalling!

When you start to feel happier inside, you start to change your outer world. 


If you’d like the science behind this then it is all about quantum mechanics and the frequency that a particle vibrates at. When a particle vibrates more – it draws similar vibrating particles to it. (Like attracts like). All life on earth is made up of these same particles, including you, so when you start to raise your level of vibration – and you can do this by becoming happier – you start to influence the particles around you, which then come into your experience. In other words – as you start to feel happier then good things, happy things start to come your way more often.


It is as simple as that. Just by feeling happier will bring more happiness into your life. 


For example when I am writing about the birds that I care for every day I naturally feel so much love as I write.

As I write a sentence it makes me relive my moments with them all over again. When I relive those moments again I am also experiencing exactly the same feelings I had right at the time I was with them – feelings of happiness and love and joy – all over again.

I don’t need to go outside and be beside my bird friends to feel those same feelings again, because the simple act of writing about them – makes me relive that moment with those feelings all over again as my pen glides slowly across the page.


Here is an excerpt from my journal:

Thank you for my beautiful wild friends today – blackbirds, brave shy beautiful robin coming to the low branch by me and eating some food.Tufty head robin and blue tit, sparrows and dunnocks. How I love my friends very much. How my heart melts in love for these beauties in the beautiful trees, even little bee was in there too.



It really is as simple as that.

Choose a subject that makes you feel happy.

Write a sentence about it and notice how you automatically start to feel happier. Then write some more sentences about it. Put in small details that make you feel good and smile. Keep writing until you feel satisfied inside.

Feeling happier is what gratitude journalling is all about. It’s about spending time improving your life in an easy pleasant way. You are in control of your happiness.





I hope you found this article helpful? And I hope that you try this at home. 

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.


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